About Fusioncorp

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Founded in 2005 by Daniel Boone, Fusioncorp began as a small design firm in Lexington, KY. Our services have grown now to encompass a wide range of digital design, development, and marketing services. We serve clients of all sizes — from local small businesses to international charities.

The Fusioncorp team is made up of a diverse collection of experienced, driven professionals in their respective fields. We strive to build creative solutions that help our customers fulfill their needs — both online and offline.

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Meet The Team

Daniel Boone Founder

Professional Details & Expertise

Daniel graduated from the University of Kentucky in December 2002 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Studio with an emphasis in Digital Installation and a minor in Art History. His desire to invoke an emotional response through digital media birthed his design career at Fusioncorp Design™ Creative Solutions. As principal, his duty is to create memorable identities through website design, print materials, logo design, branding, and film.

At the end of the day, it's about taking care of client needs. He is constantly pushing himself creatively while learning innovative technologies and design trends to better serve clients and meet their needs in the best way possible. His latest focus is mobile app development with custom UI integration.


Educational Background & Experience
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Digital Installation, University of Kentucky

Michael Baer President

Professional Details & Expertise

Michael Baer graduated from the University of Louisville in May of 2001 with a Bachelors in Finance. After spending years in the financial and technology industries, his passion for Fusioncorp got the best of him. As President & Co-Owner he believes Fusioncorp can provide the best customer experience in the areas of Creative Design, Website Design, Development, APP creation and Video with an emphasis on helping customers find the most profitable way to create and market an online presence. Our tiered monthly pricing structure allows Fusioncorp to accomplish the goals of a small to mid-sized company without breaking the budget as we remain consistent with providing the best ongoing service in the industry.

His latest focus is loving what you do every day, standing behind your work, and building Fusioncorp Design into the best design firm around.

Michael and his wife Hunter have 3 boys, Xavier, Landon and Jackson and enjoy everything Legos, Scooby Doo and replacing broken items from Nerf Gun Battles.

Justin Burnette CTO

Professional Details & Expertise

Justin Burnette grew up in Harlan, KY.

Justice Heltzel Project Manager

Professional Details & Expertise

Justice Heltzel is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and has been involved in project management for Political and Governmental organizations at all levels. He joined a dynamic group of designers and developers at Fusioncorp Design in 2015 to help enhance the customer service experience for the company.

Lynsey Jones Creative Director

Professional Details & Expertise

Lynsey Jones is currently a Graphic Designer for Fusioncorp but it doesn’t stop there. Lynsey is an integral part of the other companies that Fusioncorp co-owns. Lynsey is also the Executive Director for Easy App Design, LLC as well as the project manager for Curbbed.com

Lynsey attended school at BCTC & Asbury. She worked 3 years for the UK Athletic Department designing all sorts of multimedia…Go Cats! After perfecting her skills in Graphic Design and Custom Illustration while yelling Go Big Blue, she started her own Graphic Design Company. Lynsey has since become our ‘Jack of all trades’ spending time between Fusioncorp, Easy App and Curbbed.

Since we already established the whole C-A-T-S theme, Lynsey is also all about friends, family, her boyfriend, dogs, and fun.

Ryan Saunders Financial Control Manager

Professional Details & Expertise

Ryan graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting, Finance, and Math minor. Ryan has had experience in the areas of Sales, Big 4 Public Accounting, and Financial research. As a part of the Fusioncorp Team, Ryan brings a variety of skill sets to the Business side of this exciting and creative team.

Jacob Weyer Lead Developer

Professional Details & Expertise

Jacob made his way to Lexington in 2011 to attend the University of Kentucky, initially studying Computer Science, then swapping around to a variety of majors, and settling on Economics. However the programming drive never left him and he taught himself how to write code on the side. His code is now literally fire.

Jacob enjoys seeing complex web problems solved with user-friendly solutions, and hopes to continue to make the web more accessible and user-friendly.

David Fatherree Chief Strategy Officer

Professional Details & Expertise

David Fatherree graduated from the University of Delaware in 2003 with Bachelors degrees in Science, Biology and Psychology. A strategist with over 15 years of experience delivering best-in-class digital marketing, business strategies and implementations for the White House, Johnson & Johnson, P&G and other Fortune 500 companies. By identifying promising white space and anticipating the impact of emerging technologies, David has aligned client business goals with unmet customer needs to reinvent categories and introduce novel and differentiated brand experiences.

Obiora Embry Developer

Professional Details & Expertise

Obiora Embry is not only a developer but also an author, poet, amateur photographer, born again artist, and engineer–in–training with a love for what is real and natural. He was fortunate to grow and develop in a household in which he was able to establish a balance between his left and right brain. And Obiora is a life–long learner who finds beauty in Nature.

Helen Baer Customer Relations

Professional Details & Expertise

A 30 year veteran in office administration working with law firms, land developers and state government, Helen is excited to be part of the Fusioncorp team, working with clients to deliver quick and satisfying products and solutions. Helen is anticipating her first skateboarding lesson from Daniel but not anticipating extremely spicy food from Ryan.

Robert Bennett Designer & Developer

Professional Details & Expertise

Originally from Chicago, IL, Robert's personal mantra is "Saving the world one design at a time."

Brett Fraley Developer

Professional Details & Expertise

Brett loves programming, web development, open source software. He's passionate about innovation and technology that makes the world a better place.

Paige Heidorf Designer

Professional Details & Expertise

After graduating from the University of Kentucky and interning with Fusioncorp for the past two semesters, Paige has recently joined our team of talented designers. Her hobbies include obsessing over Lynsey’s cat, Fran, and binge watching The Office.

Patrick Conrey Developer

Professional Details & Expertise

Hey! My name is Patrick Conrey, and I'm in my fourth year at the University of Kentucky studying Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. You can typically find me frustrated with Xcode for a programming bug that is 100% my fault, drinking coffee, or combing through Stack Overflow. I develop for iOS with Swift and I'm learning more about web development with React JS. My interests are split between mathematics and programming, focusing on topology and iOS development.

Brandon Spencer Developer

Professional Details & Expertise

Brandon is a life-long learner, a polymath, and tinkerer. If he's not building something, he's usually taking something apart. He enjoys the web development process and watching projects come to life. You can usually find him with a cup of coffee in hand talking about some random factoid he found on the internet.

Gracie Taylor Designer

Professional Details & Expertise

Gracie is currently an intern with the design team. She enjoys sewing, drawing and the binge watching the Twilight Zone.